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Individual Coaching

Vitality & Personal Leadership


'The cure for pain, is in the pain.'

It's my mission to empower individuals by turning their challenges into a powerful catalyst for growth.

Facing our difficulties in life is often the key to personal growth. As a coach I provide the guidance and support needed to navigate these challenges, helping individuals to not only confront their resistance but also to learn from it. Through this process, employees can enhance their emotional intelligence, improve their performance, and find greater fulfillment in their work. 

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In everything I do, I hope to reflect what I stand for: connection, depth, and joy.

Personal development goals

  • How do I preserve my peace in a dynamic and stressful work environment?
  • How can I improve my ability to listen to others' perspectives, and how can this benefit me in my leadership role?
  • How do I find a healthy balance between work and personal life?
  • How can I enhance my energy levels?
  • How can I contribute to building trust within my team?
  • How do I ensure that my insecurity and sensitivity don't hinder me as much?
  • What can I do to avoid a conflict with my colleague?


  • Pragmatic: During a session, we work with whatever arises in the moment. Instead of getting caught up in theoretical concepts, we focus on tangible steps that you can take to make progress.
  • Intuitive: As an intuitive and systemic coach, I assist you in uncovering the hidden aspects of your issue. By employing this approach, you avoid the risk of merely addressing surface-level symptoms. This enables you to move towards sustainable transformation and growth.
  • Practical: As a coach, I provide practical advice and tools that are directly applicable to your life or work. These can be used to enhance your skills, overcome obstacles, or achieve your goals.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together!



During the intake, we get acquainted, explore the support request, and determine your desired outcomes. Subsequently, we assess whether there is a mutual fit to proceed together.



I assist you in developing self-awareness and self-reflection skills, enabling you to independently continue your own growth and development even after the coaching process is completed.



We review and assess the effectiveness of the coaching journey and the achieved outcomes. This contributes to a meaningful conclusion of the process and aids in determining a clear direction for further personal development.

Who is Marieke?

Marieke de Zwaan, born in 1976, grew up in a family closely connected to the agricultural world. She graduated from TU Delft in 2001 and subsequently worked as an architect for various multinationals.

For ten years, she traveled the world with her husband and three sons, living in America, Australia, and Brazil. During her travels, by changing her lifestyle, she transformed from a state of chronic illness (burn-out, migraine) to one of optimal vitality.

Marieke has completed various courses in integrative nutrition, vitality, and systemic work. For over a decade now, she has been guiding people facing personal challenges. As a passionate keynote speaker, she has inspired thousands of people both domestically and internationally through her lectures and webinars to make more conscious lifestyle choices.

Her coaching, however, also contain confronting and poignant insights that provoke thought, as Marieke de Zwaan aims to deeply impact her clients. This human aspect is, for her, the best way to emphasize the importance of selfcare for personal growth.

"Seek first to understand, then to be understood."

- Stephen covey -

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My issue was how to preserve inner calm in a dynamic and demanding work environment. Following a program with Marieke, I have discovered my solutions, leading to more deliberate decision-making. Marieke adeptly adjusts to what you require in the moment, particularly when you're uncertain about what needs to change.


Marieke !! She is much more than a Coach.. When I recently moved to the Netherlands, the adaptation process was not easy, and meeting with her on this difficult path was my best chance. She will guide you to heal yourself and find your own treatment. Sometimes all you need is to talk and she's really good at that, understands you, encourages you and inspires you. 


After my divorce, I turned to Marieke with the goal of gaining more energy and better managing life as a working mother of two children. Marieke provided me with insights, both physically and psychologically, which proved invaluable in my path forward. She is exceptionally professional and proficient in all the areas she covers – I highly recommend her!


I opted for a coaching program with Marieke due to my battle with fatigue and weight gain. The program was incredibly straightforward and not at all abstract. I quickly began to feel more energized and significantly more comfortable with myself.

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With her life experience, calm demeanor, and inner strength she radiates, Marieke has gained my trust. The issues I encountered in daily life were approached from a slightly different angle. This led to enlightening realizations for me. Marieke is a professional coach who conveys the material with passion and conviction.


Marieke is extremely knowledgeable and helps you in a pleasant manner with living healthier in a feasible way. A better coach than Marieke is hard to find!

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